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Tina Karol

Pop, Soul, Jazz

Singer Tina Karol whose biography has developed quite multifaceted, was born in Orotukan in 1985 on January 25. The girl became popular after participating in Eurovision in 2006.

Studying the life of the singer Tina Karol, whose personal life is quite interesting, especially to admirers of her talent, you can learn the following that Tina's mother and father were engineers. The girl lived in Orotukan for 7 long years, then the family decided to move to Ivano-Frankivsk, where, in fact, Tina lived all her childhood and youth. She studied in a regular school, at the end of her studies she played the piano and studied singing, with the help of music teachers.

After the girl received her secondary education, she moved to live in the capital of Ukraine, where she became a student at the Glier Music School. Her specialization was pop vocals, by doing which, Tina developed her talent more and more. It soon became clear that the efforts were not in vain.

The year 2005 was remembered for the girl by the fact that one of the teachers suggested that she try to become a member of a military ensemble. And she did it, she became the vocalist of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Tina Karol became very successful at the end of her performance on the "New Wave" in 2005. The singer took the honorable 2nd place there. The results of the competition showed that she was only a few points ahead of the representative of Latvia. But Alla Pugacheva was so impressed by her performance that she handed her a prize without any hesitation.

A bonus fee of 50 thousand dollars was spent by Tina on her first video clip entitled "Above the Clouds", after which the number of fans was simply beyond count.

In 2006, Tina Karol won the national qualifying round for Eurovision, where she represented Ukraine. The audience appreciated her performance, as a result of which she received a worthy 7th place. Not at all upset about this, the girl returned to Ukraine as a full-fledged demanded artist.

The following year, in the fall, Tina was approved as the most popular singer in Ukraine. And after 2 years she officially became the Honored Artist of Ukraine.

In 2012, the country saw the girl in the role of the coach of the world famous TV show “Voice. Children".

In 2013, Karol organized a solo program "The Power of Love and Voice", with which she toured the cities of Ukraine throughout the year.

In 2014, the Yuna award took place, where the artist won the Best Singer of the Year award. Soon she started to open a charitable foundation to help children with cancer.

The "Pole of Attraction" was opened due to the fact that the singer's husband died of stomach cancer. After this tragedy, the girl decided to seriously help children with cancer.

The star spent the entire 2016 on the Jubilee Tour, touring America and Europe. The entire report of the singer Tina Karol, whose photo album was seen by the whole of our country in the person of fans and admirers of her talent, brought me into sincere delight.

Today, she takes part in various television programs and continues to realize herself as a singer, annually delighting the audience with new tracks and videos. According to the singer Tina Karol herself, 2018 will become even more successful and harmonious for her creative career.